Magic Academy in support from the Department of Health, Government of Kerala and Kerala State Social Security Mission conducted ‘Anuyathra’ campaign to empower the differently abled children and bring them to the mainstream of the society. 23 selected children undergone magic training at Academy of Magical Sciences and formed a magic team named ‘Mpower’.

We are happy that we could bring happiness not only for these children but also to their family members. We remember that during the first days of magic training, these kids were dull and gloomy as much as their parents. Now we could see that change in their life and we were expecting the same from them. Now they are highly motivated and proved that if given the right opportunity they are not second to anyone in our society. Their parents should be proud enough to know that they can earn their livelihood.

Child Development Centre (CDC), Government of Kerala assessed the changes in these children before and after the magic training and performance. According to their report, the training inducted for these students through magic has enabled them to build a thought process that encourages innovation and creativity. The magical art has ignited imagination and a sense of wonder that gives a curiosity to learn more things in life. The learning of the art has helped them to develop different skills like balance, hand eye coordination which indirectly helps in quick response. Through continuous engagement which earned appreciation and applause, children became highly motivated that can be easily read through their smiles and happy faces of their parents.