Celebrity UNICEF Advocate

Mr. Gopinath Muthukad has been conferred "Celebrity UNICEF Supporter" status to join the efforts of the UN agency in improving conditions and status of children in the state. He is the first Keralite and the first magician to receive the honour.

Magician Par Excellence

His first performance in magic was at the age of 10. Ever since his debut as a magician, Muthukad was noted for his unique style of presentation and positive transformation and appeared in more than 8000 stages in India and abroad.

Motivational Speaker

Muthukad uses magic as a medium to connect with his audience. He utilizes magic in a useful way to spread good ideas and awareness among the people. The motivation program is designed with art, science, fun and wonders all the senses that can touch your mind.

Notable Author

He is an author and educator who instills a feeling of wonder and encouragement over every aspect of life. He is the author of a number of widely circulated magical books in Malayalam. Ormakalude manthrikasparsham (Autobiography) has the created record as the best-selling book of that time.

A Great Entertainer

Magic is his way of life, more than a passion or hobby; it is the mantra on which he has lived all throughout these years. So practice and perseverance are the rituals. He constantly follows in order to attain perfection and ultimate craftsmanship in every sense.

Man of the People

His passion for delivering magical messages and sincere commitment to serve the society has transformed Muthukad a man of the masses. He encourages the audience to look at the things from different perspectives which help them to make change in their lives.