In 2017, Magic Academy with the support of Kerala State Social Security Mission conducted ‘Anuyatra’ campaign to empower the differently abled children and bring them to the mainstream of the society. 23 selected children undergone magic training and formed a magic team named ‘MPower’.

Inspired by the highly successful performance of the children, Magic Academy decided to establish a permanent performance platform for them -Mpower centre with the support of UNICEF and Kerala Social Security Mission. This centre trains and develops their talents, while ensuring life skills to make them more self-aware and confident. It is for the first time in the world, a permanent magical performance centre has been opened for the specially abled talents. Today, the centre gives training to specially abled children in a mode that they can become breadwinners for their family. Recently, the Mpower team stepped into INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS for their unique performance.

Child Development Centre (CDC), Government of Kerala, evaluated the program and assessed the impact of the initial program on these children. The assessment found that the program had several positive results on the children. According to the CDC report, the Mpower program helped these children and their parents in improving the mental health status and social development. The report also recommended that the pilot effort be replicated to reach larger numbers of specially abled children.