The Writer

Muthukad is not only known for his magic, he also well exhibit his talent in writing. As a dedicated writer, he not only wrote magical books but also the one that depicts the story of great people. In 1993 wrote Magic-What? How? The first ever-authentic book on Magic in Malayalam language. In 1997, wrote a book on the legendaries of his master. The book is titled as Vazhakunnam Indrajaalakkadhakal (Stories on the Magic of Vazhakunnam). He is also the Editor of Vismayam Magical News, a monthly, first of its kind widely circulated among magicians and magic lovers in India. In 1999 wrote Ganitharamante Kusruthikal, an excellent book on Math-magic. This book depicts beautifully certain math-magical tricks as performed by a small boy named Ganitharaman. All these books are sold like hot cakes and are available in the leading libraries. Kalakaumudi the leading Malayalam periodical has serialized his autobiography and the same has been published in the name, Ormakalude Manthrika Sparsam (Magical Touch of Memories) by Current Books, the leading publisher in Malayalam. It was for the first time that an Indian magician has released his autobiography. Based on the experience gained during the national voyages, a travel book has been written, India- My spellbound love, published by DC books in English and Malayalam versions.

Books Written