Universal Magic Centre

The Universal Magic Centre is envisaged to enhance the employability of differently abled youth through tailored skill and capacity development trainings. In addition, they would be imparted training to enhance and polish their profession etiquette and communication skills. The centre is expected to function as a training centre during the day and as an entertainment centre in the evening, which will be entirely managed by these differently abled youth. Youth who successfully pass their training program will be given a chance to take up paid internships in managing the entertainment centre.

Universal Magic Centre (UMC) will be a complete entertainment arena of differently abled artistes, including entertainment (music, dance, magic, puppet shows and shadow play) by the differently abled people. The centre would also have restaurants where families can dine. The youth will undertake the performance related activities, other functions and operations in the centre. All the tasks and day to day activities of the centre will be their responsibility through which they will emanate as stars in every sense throughout the year.

It is expected that 30 differently abled youth can be given this opportunity at one time at UMC. In short, the centre would be their ultimate world free from all external compulsions where they can experiment, create and devise their skills in the best possible manner. To give them wider opportunities, a roster of trained and skilled differently abled children will be available for potential employers who wish to employ the differently abled persons.

The proposed Universal Magic Centre, is located in Kazhakkoottam, Thiruvananthapuram. In May 2021, the Academy of Magical Sciences completes 25 years of its successful journey. Therefore, we would like the proposed Universal Magic Centre– UMC to be inaugurated as a landmark for our silver anniversary in May next year.